ParlyReportSA is a Cape Town based WordPress site that brings you the latest from Parliament, aimed at keeping large corporations in the loop regarding the laws of their field, this site has news feeds, a blog, featured content slider, Contact, Subscriptions and more WordPress Plugin features.

Be Happy Life Coaching

Be Happy Life Coaching

Be Happy Life Coaching is a fantastic coaching website for a client based in Cape Town who wanted lots of zingy features. The Site is once again built in the WordPress Framework, and has a host of wonderful wordpress plugins such as Quizzes, Amazon Favorites scrolling carousel widget, Social Networking, Twitter Tweets, FAQ section, Blog feature, contact home about and more.

Gillian Scott Coaching

Gillian Scott Coachomg

This is a WordPress CMS, owned by Gillian Scott, Cape Town, South Africa. The site is a coaching website and has features which include Home, About, Contact pages, text expanders, a Blog and the usual Social Networking Plugins which link to Facebook and Twitter.