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Web Design Pricing

Everyone wants to know ta thumb-suck price for a website, after all there are literally hundreds of free websites such as Wix, even WordPress, Webs to name a few. Some of these free websites have great features and building your own free website has never been easier. For some businesses this is a perfect solution and I won’t hack it. will charge you an annual fee to use your own custom domain name so that WordPress is not in the url of your website. So yes the starting price of building your own website would be;


Add to that your domain registration if you want a custom domain name. This price varies from as little as $5 to $50 or in SA rands from as low as R55 for a domain registration to R250 for different domains or companies.

If you do a little research you can register your own domain but as soon as this domain needs to be managed and configured to point to a website or server you will probably be paying a setup fee.

A basic html website can cost up to R2500

Advanced html or WordPress site up to R5000

Top WordPress site between R5,000 – R10,000

Remember with each customization and unique feature it’s like building your own home; features and add-ons cost time and energy and all this translates into money.

For a Website Design Quote contact us through the Contact Page of our site or call us directly so we can assist you.

Thanks, The First Step