Here’s why…

Here’s why, even the most timid of people have something to say, or share, some knowledge or information that is relevant to others, or who’s expertise may be of assistance to others. These are but a few reasons, and yet the most important one certainly as far as owning your own website is concerned, is that you are maintaining fresh content on your site. Visitors are encouraged to return to your site through filling out subscription fields, or are kept in the loop with what is new and happening in your world by news letters or posts disseminated through your site.

Search Engine Optimization is the big new and becoming old word on the internet. Here’s how you can optimize your site without calling in your web developer.

Write a blog.

Keep the content relevant to the purpose and functionality of your site.

Have fun with it!

Sometimes the responses you receive from your readers may open up a whole new world of revenue, interest and focus for you that you’d never even considered. Blogging reminds the world and you what you are about.

Here are some great blogs! They generate a lot of traffic and give out a lot of useful information, as well as being creative and interesting to read:

A List Apart

Delicious Days Wow, now this site is a cooking blog, and a forum for web developers, and offers free high end WordPress plugins to the public. Talk about putting all your eggs in one basket, but for them it is paying off. This site ranks high, and comes up for all searches for contact forms with multitudes of functionalities. Haven’t Googled them yet for their recipes.

Vanielje Kitchen More cooking blogs and beautiful pros.

More of interest to follow.