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The First Step to GRoWiNg your business is building your website. The scope of this is as far reaching as the stars! Our Website Developers are here to guide you to becoming a successful online portal for whatever type of business you run. We also love to see your business grow because it means we are building great websites and providing great services. Win! Win!

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AutoPost to all social media platforms from your WordPress website. Social Media Account setup and Management


The First Step websites are built using the Divi Template by Elegant Themes, the most feature-rich dynamic template on the market today.

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Integrate your website with Google analytics, create Search Engine Friendly Content. Copywriting or Content Creation.

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We foster long term lasting relationships with our clients because a Website is an ongoing creation, it is the Face of your business on the Internet, and it takes time and energy to grow this business. We look forward to guiding you and working with you to achieve your greatest vision of your online presence.


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What Services You Need

And why…..

You will need a website, that’s a given. If you already have one, why are we trying to sell you a better one? We can promise this now, we will never recommend rebuilding your site if this is not required. We have built relationships with our clients based on honesty. We are a business and we are selling our services but whether we are building a site or improving on one, we are still making money. What we really want is the best for you. So if we recommend a new site it is because it is in your best interests.

We believe that what sets us apart is that we are trustworthy, reliable and we have a keen interest in you and your success. We root for our clients. We are vested in our clients. We want to see you succeed and to fly.

Why WordPress?

WordPress has been around the block, so much so that there are literally thousands of developers, coders and creators out there adding to the WordPress framework. WordPress is not a website, it is a building block, it is the foundation of your website. This can be a confusing concept, so to simplify for the layman, WordPress is the architecture of your house, it is the structure. It has evolved to become the most sturdy and reliable framework for your house. This being a metaphor for your website. The pretty stuff that you see, that is your template and that is a completely separate entity to WordPress. That is all the pretty stuff.

Divi Template

We use only one template for all our websites, and no..they certainly do not all look the same. The Divi template has also taken the lead and they have built their template specifically for WordPress users. This template has become so popular that there are literally hundreds of developers, coders and creators our there extending the functionality of this fantastic template. It has all the bells and whistles, to name a few: Fantastic Layouts, Sliders, Modules, Customizers, Beautiful Typography, Contact Forms, Shop Modules, Integrates perfectly with Woocommerce, the sky is the limit.

What is a Layout

It is useful for you to see what can be done with a single template. One can fully customize the Divi template look and feel. There are no limitations to this template. You may also want to choose a layout yourself. Thankfully there are many developers out there creating custom layouts that you can use to form the structure of the template and just add your own unique colors and imagery to your site. Below are some examples of award winning websites built using the Divi Theme.

Why do I also need a template?

The template is your interior design. You now have your framework, the structure of your house, built in WordPress. Now the fun starts. How are you going to make this house so inviting that everyone wants to step inside, admire the views and drink from the taps!!! That is where Divi comes in. Divi is a template that is feature rich and versatile and a one stop shop for everything you will need for your design.

Extending WordPress

WordPress Plugins

What is a plugin? Just like it sounds, it is a piece of code that plugs into your WordPress Framework. It is the extra functionality that you may require. There are thousands of plugins out there, often free to use, that will take your website to the next level. Below you can see some of the major plugins and their uses.

This is the plugin you would use to add an ecommerce function to your WordPress website. Designed specifically for WordPress you will find that most online businesses these days are powered by Woocommerce

by, Woothemes

First line of defense against cyber attacks. This does not mean that WordPress is not secure, but due to the widespread use of this platform it is most convenient for hackers to attack WordPress before any little know platform.
iThemes Security

by, iThemes

Google now ranks your site firstly by it’s performance. How quickly it loads. This is one of the top plugins that will enable fast loading by reducing server response time, caching pages and CDN integration among others. Do not try and install this if you don’t know what you are doing 🙂
W3 TotalCache

by, Frederick Townes

This plugin manages all the technical aspects of SEO as well as giving you color coded scores for on-page-seo score, where a good score is green! This plugin is a superb guide for anyone writing content to gain Search Engine traction and has a multitude of features.
Yoast Seo

by, Yoast

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