Prism Consulting

Prism Consulting has lovely shades of delicate greys, soft oranges and whites throughout the website. Some website functionalities included in this blog are a Website Subscription feature where users and register on the website and become membersĀ  of the site as well as subscribe to the blog feed. This is great for starting to generate a client database from the roaming traffic on the internet. There are also links to Facebook, Twitter and LinkIn. The blog feed automatically updates in LinkedIn.

A powerpoint slideĀ  is viewable on the site and one can download this as well. Keeping the blog active on this site will definately help with Search Engine Optimization, as website content remains current and search engine bots will keept the pages of the site updated within their databases. The site is also registered with Google Analytics and the owner can track the traffic on the site and view daily, weekly and monthly hits on the site, where the website traffic comes from and is able to set goals for the site to see whether users end up registering, subscribing, or to merely record which pages are viewed the most by visitors.