Skype Logo to Blend in with your Theme


Adding a custom Skype Logo to your Blog is really quite straight forward. If you google the title of this post, you mostly come up with Skype help pages instructing you on setting up skype using one of their conventional logos…however what I wanted to know was how to use a Skype logo that was custom designed to blend in with my website theme.

So here is how, it’s really this simple. Upload your custom Skype Icon to your website, copy the image url.

<img src=””>

Then surround the image tag with your convetional href tag changing the href to the following:

<a href=”skype:yourskypename?chat”><img src=”http://pathtoyourimagefile”> </a>

To Clarify, only replace the words ‘ yourskypename’ with your skype name. To find out what your skype name is, open skype on your computer and in the top left-hand corner you will see your name. If you click on this your skype profile page will open. Below your name will be your skype name. This is the name skype uses to find is not by default your name.

In the above example you will also need to replace the fake url with the real path to your image file.

If you want the image to open skype for a skype call you would changet the words ‘ chat ‘ to ‘ call ‘

Skype customized image.

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