How do I fix a hacked site? WordPress….

Did you recently receive an email from your service provider informing you that they have temporarily taken your site down due to security vulnerabilities and a hack?

This is quite a serious situation to be in. Not only is your website taken off-line, but the integrity of your business is compromised by hackers with malicious intent to use your site to farm traffic to their own often unethical websites.

This issue needs to be addressed immediately by someone with a good knowledge of recovering your website from a hack.

The First Step is experienced in fixing WordPress websites that have been hacked and compromised. A number of steps will be taken to clean up the bad content and in some instances this will require removing WordPress Plugins that are vulnerable to hacks and replacing them with new ones.

Once your website is back up we will add security plugins to keep hackers out and your content safe. Essentially you should have your website monitored and constantly updated to keep up with new security releases of your WordPress version and your WordPress plugins.

Having a secure WordPress Website is securing your online business.

Contact The First Step to secure your website against attackers.